5 Happy Diwali Wishes – Important Things You Should Wish For

happy diwali wishes

Everyone wants to have a perfect and happy Diwali. In fact, it is said that this is the happiest festival. Diwali is an Indian festival that celebrates the life-giving and auspicious occasion of Diwali. It is one of the most celebrated festivals that India holds dear.

As per the Hindu religion, Diwali was first celebrated in India during the fifth century BC by a great sage who was a teacher of astrology. This sage had predicted that there would be a golden season in the next fifty years. He further predicted that the best time to celebrate his prophecy would be from the end of August to the beginning of October, according to the astronomical calculations of the people. The people who lived in that era celebrated this event and it was known as “Prayag”.

This auspicious festival was celebrated for the next eight hundred and eighty-five years. The sages were so much impressed by his predictions that they kept a daily diary of their lives in order to give them some guidance on their lives. All the important events and occasions like the day when he predicted the best time to celebrate were recorded in these journals. These diaries became a treasure trove of happiness as well as sadness.

Today, the celebrations of Diwali are celebrated worldwide and in every part of the globe. Diwali has become an occasion where we gather together with family, friends and relatives and celebrate the essence of life. It is the only festival where you are allowed to wish the entire family a happy Diwali in front of your family and friends.

There are some good reasons why we can choose to wish for a happy Diwali. The first reason is because there are many different types of Diwali wishes to choose from. So, if we are going to wish for a happy Diwali then let us first look at the different types of wishes that we can choose from.

First of all, you can choose to wish for a place. You can choose to wish for a place of your choice or the house that you dream of having. Or, you can wish for a person to come and visit your home. This will surely bring in a smile on your face and will help you celebrate the essence of life more.


Second, you can also choose to wish for a special person. Like a brother, sister, husband, mother, father, friend or any of your close friends. Or, you can also wish for any animal. You will surely feel happy and relieved if you choose to get a pet to come along with you to celebrate the festivities of Diwali.

Third, you can also wish for money. You can ask the people around you to donate money for your wish. The more money you have to spend, the more happy you will be.

Fourth, you can also choose to wish for various other reasons. And, these various other reasons should always be related to happiness. If you wish to receive a lot of money or gifts then this should be your primary reason of wishing for a happy Diwali.

Fifth, if you wish to be rich, you can also choose to go on a Diwali vacation. This will help you appreciate life and it will also be good practice to spend time away from your worries.

Last but not the least, you can also choose to wish for a perfect marriage. relationship between you and your spouse. If this is your wish, then you must ensure that you go and fulfill it.

These are the most basic ideas that you need to follow in order to make sure that you choose a very happy Diwali. Remember, whatever you decide to do, always remember that happiness comes from within and you will surely feel happier if you are able to make these five wishes. Of course, you can also decide to make any of the other Diwali wishes in accordance to your taste.

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