Change Birthdate on Facebook – Reasons to Change Your Details on Facebook

What can you do to change birthdate on Facebook? You might think it’s impossible but it really isn’t. It is a very simple process and you will be amazed at how easy it really is. You would need to add the event to your page and mark it public. After that, you simply change the time of your event on your status and you’re done!

To change birthdate on Facebook, you would need to find the Facebook application on your PC or smartphone. Once you have it open, you will need to go under settings and then user information. This is where you will locate your profile and change the details for your event.

If you wish to change the birthdate on Facebook, you first need to change your profile details on this site. Once these details are changed then it can not be changed back. So ensure you change these details before moving onto the next step. There is a simple button right next to the profile that has a flashing red arrow so you will know that you are close to making the change. Click this and then you will be asked to put in the new date for your event.

Now you have done this all you need to do is put in a new description about your event. This is just a quick description of the date and time of the event and what is taking place at the venue. When you are writing this down, ensure that you make sure it is as precise as you can. If you change the date of your event it will not be recorded by the profile so make sure you write the date as it should appear.

The next thing you will have to do is sign off on the event. To do this you simply click on the gear icon on the bottom right of the profile. Then you will be able to click “send a private request” and enter your request. You will be required to give your full name, your full address, your telephone number plus a valid email address where the change of date will be noted.

When you enter this information, the application will ask you if you want to change birthdate as well. Just click “change birthdate” and your profile will be updated with the new details. This is very easy to do and if you are not sure what you are doing or where to begin do not worry it is actually very easy.

If you have an upcoming special that you are attending then you might as well change your profile to reflect the date. Most people would just enter the date and change their profile. However, if you want to add some personal details then you can include details of the venue for the event. This could include a location, description of the food and beverage choices, and a description of the entertainment and general information about the event.

Another reason to consider changing your profile is to mark a birthday. There are many applications that will help you do this and they do not all require you to be a member. For example there is a Birthday Appraiser on Facebook, which will help you to create a free birthday party for your loved one. All you do is add your friend’s names to the list of attendees and add any special details you would like to be marked on your profile page. These applications are easy to use and free to join.


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