Connecting to the Business on Facebook Through the Facebook Basic Version

The Facebook account is available in two basic formats – the Free Basics and the Business or Basic Version. Facebook has introduced a third version called the Professional or Enterprise Account, which has more added features than the free version. Today, this version has been adopted by more organizations and has become the most preferred social networking platform for businesses. However, before one decides upon the most appropriate option, it is important to consider various factors such as the type of use, the nature of traffic, the budget, and the demographics of his target audience.

The basic account has two different approaches, namely the Custom Page and the Profile Select. With the Custom Page, one can select the picture, the background, and choose among the themes and the colours of the account. The user can change the privacy settings and he can modify the profile information and settings. He can create a new page in his profile at any point of time.

One can easily view the profile page at any time. This means that one can take a quick snapshot of his current whereabouts, which in turn can be shared with his friends or a group of people. This has made it very easy for an individual to update his status or add and remove old friends. One can also invite his friends to connect with him on the social networking site and he can add and remove their handles as well.

The Business or the Basic Version enables one to make a basic profile that can be accessed by others. With the Social Signatures option, one can display one’s company logo on one’s profile page. This offers a great opportunity for one to showcase his skills and expertise. One can create and add tags to the profile such as the name, the company logo, the description, and the tags. One can save these tags and can share them at any time.

With the Social Media option, one can display the URL of his official website. This offers a great chance for one to get new clients and visitors. One can invite his friends to connect with him on the social networking site. One can then share any information about his company through this link.

One can also take a look at the email notification on the social networking site. If one has set the notification to remind him of an upcoming appointment, then one can always check what is happening in his professional life. The calendar option allows one to set the days that he wants his mail to be delivered. In the Business or the Basic Version, one can choose the number of emails to be sent at one go.

With the Private login option, one can create a password protected account. With this, one can control who have access to his password. One can create a new password after every use. One can change his password after every time he creates or changes his email ID. With the Private login ID, one can ensure that his ID is not viewable by anyone else.

One can manage his business using the My Account option in the My Business section of the Facebook Basic Version. This allows one to create a virtual ID for one’s business. One can also add and edit the products of his company on his virtual ID. With these features, one can use Facebook effectively to boost up his business.

One can set his preferred music and videos as favorites on the My Music and My Videos sections of his Facebook profile. One can also edit and upload photos that are in his Camera. One can also see what his friends are up to on his Timeline. The Private Profile option allows one to restrict the number of people that can have access to one’s personal information. With the Private Profile, one can ensure that what is seen and read is limited to him alone.

Since the Business version has many features, it is advisable to have a separate email address and ID for each employee. This way, one will be able to send and receive emails as his employees. One should create a new ID for the business with the Help button on the main page. One can see which employee has the given email id through the Contact them option available on the upper right corner of the profile. One can search for an employee through their email addresses, names, departments, locations and contacts, just as if one were to search for a person in the My Friends option.

The Facebook Basic version allows one to stay connected to the business even after his official work day has ended. One should always make sure to turn off automatic updates on the browser and have it turned off while at work. One can continue reading the news, getting updates about sales and service changes, weather and other business-related stuff through the Feed. News feeds are usually not available on the free version of the app. This is because Facebook requires one to have a business account to access the feed.


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