Does Facebook Suggest Friends Who Have Searched For You?

does facebook suggest friends who have searched for youIf you are a young person, then you may have noticed that your Facebook account will suggest people who have searched for you. The reason is that your search results will be shown to the right people. This can sometimes be a nuisance, because you may be showing other people (potential friends) who you don’t really want to be your friend to your main profile page. Although searching for someone and hoping they find you is possible, it doesn’t always happen that way. In addition, there are some major reasons why this may be happening.

One of these reasons – and probably the most common reason – is that you are using an older version of Facebook. The new features are constantly popping up, and many people upgrade their accounts quickly to try to beat the competition. When they do this, they may not upgrade their search capabilities, or they may add people who may not be actual fans of their pages. Sometimes, they just change their settings so they can see any friends who have previously searched for you. So your search results may be a mix of real and fake profiles.

Another reason is that you are using the “People” and “Like” features on Facebook too much. Whenever someone searches for something on Facebook, it will automatically bring up all the searches that people have done in the past, including your own. So when someone searches for something that you have shared, it means that you have probably also shared it with others. This may upset those who have only seen your profile through your friends or coworkers. This is where it gets a little tricky.

Many times when you send someone a friend request on Facebook, the request is not sent immediately to their wall. You may instead see a notice on their wall asking you to “Like” or “Share.” If you do not see this notification, then their request hasn’t been sent yet. You may then wish to send them a friend request, but you haven’t actually requested one yet – making it appear as if you have actively requested it.

The main issue with these Suggestions is that the Suggestions are not shown to the users browsing through the search results. Instead, they are only shown to the friends of the user who made the request. So if someone searches for you are not among the first few friends who liked or shared the post, you will still see the suggestions showing up. Now, you may be wondering: why do these suggestions still show up? Well, the reason is simple – Facebook’s algorithm for showing these suggestions is not designed to be transparent.

Facebook suggests friends based on a number of factors – such as your level of friendship or the information you provide on your status. The Suggestions are also matched up with your friends so that your posts can appear in the news feeds of those people who are on your friends list. However, if you are actively searching for something, it will still be there even if you aren’t one of those people who has chosen to ‘like’ a particular post. This means that you could be viewing search results and not even realize that some of the information you are seeing on the search results is not related to the information you already have in your contact list.

This means that if you have a lot of friends who ‘like’ a page, you could find your posts getting pushed down in the rankings if you do not follow the recommendations set forth by Facebook. To remedy this, you will want to use the Contact or News Preferences section of the News Feed and click the link for the person whose name you are searching for. This will take you directly to their profile where you will see the Suggestions in blue.

The easiest way to get around these Suggestions when using Facebook is to set up a fan page instead of a personal profile. You will be able to see the same Search suggestions as everyone else but since your fan page will be publicly visible, you will be able to remove anyone you choose. In addition to removing people who you think do not suit your lifestyle choices, you will be able to hide all search suggestions from the People and Appearance features as well as the Friend Request feature. Once you have completed your profile, you should also take a look at your friend request and the Friend Request button on the upper right hand corner of the screen. The Friend Request link will appear when you mouse over it so you will want to click on it to access the Friend Request function.


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