Facebook Add Friend – Is the Facebook Add on Missing?

Facebook has had an amazing run for the last few years. With it being free anyone with a computer could get on board and become friends with millions of others all over the globe. Unfortunately, there is a Facebook add on that is a little known glitch that is ruining the popularity of the social network. It’s known as the Facebook add on button missing.

You may have seen the Facebook button at the top or bottom of your screen when you first log in. This little blue button is supposed to be a way for you to add new friends. If you have it turned on, you would not see it. That means you would not be able to add any new friends or send any messages to them either. It also means you can’t view the pictures posted by your new friends.

Facebook has acknowledged the issue and said they are working on it. They say they will add a way to add friends in the future. Until then if you have the Facebook account disabled, you cannot add any of your friends and they cannot see yours either. It is a frustrating problem but one Facebook are working on.

The reason why the Facebook add friend button missing exists is because they do not support the Java script code. Facebook say they are looking into it but haven’t yet got around to it. It does make the application more difficult to use. When they do finally add support, it won’t be a very popular add on. There will probably only be a handful of people using it.

Another reason why the Facebook add on button missing is happening is because so many people are moving to the newer applications such as Facebook 2.0. They are trying to get everything up to date with the new designs and functions. Many people believe that the Facebook add on button is going to be a necessity for using the newer applications. I don’t think so at all, at least at Facebook. They will have to come up with something else to make it easier for their users.

One of the reasons why the Facebook add friend button is missing from the applications you use to log into your account is because it does not support the Java script code. This is a problem that affects many of the popular applications including Facebook, MySpace, Mybloglog and many others. These browsers do not support Java script or cookies so when you type in a friend request, it does not send a cookie to the server and the browser does not return the information. In the end, you have to either restart the application or log out and it will not work.

The solution to this problem is quite simple but not very many people seem to understand it. You need to go into your Facebook profile and access your settings. Here you will find the add on button. Click on the link and it will take you to the add on settings. You can change the setting so that it looks like the standard button that you see whenever you log into your account. Then you just click on the button and it will now work as a standard button for your friend request.

The best way to avoid the problem is to never ask for your friends information via email. If you are really going to send someone a friend request, you should create a personal page for yourself. Then every time you send them an email asking for their friend request they will see the page for you. They won’t be able to see the standard button because it won’t be there. You should also never accept a friend request if you haven’t received their email. There is always a link on the bottom of the page that says to check your email.


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