Facebook Basic Version For Android – What You Should Know

The first version of Facebook was only available on the iPhone and the second one was just released a few months ago. Even though Facebook has introduced some great features to keep up with their growing user base, they still are not able to offer everything that users want them to. Luckily, many people are turning to the Facebook Basic version for Android to see what all the fuss is about. Many of these users are frustrated because they want more from Facebook than what they are currently getting.

The good news is that Facebook has listened to their user base and has two different versions of the app for users to choose from. One of these apps is simply known as Facebook Basic and it is still the most popular. The reason that Facebook has kept it simple for so long is because it works perfectly on almost any device. The basic version works very well on the iPhone and also on the Android phones. It does not matter which smartphone you are using because the Basic version will fit right in.

The reason why Facebook has only two versions is that they are hoping to make more money by selling various different add-ons to users. The basic version is already an amazing website that millions of people have already created accounts on. Now they are trying to get people to create an account on their mobile devices as well. These are the two things that people have been waiting for and the company is finally giving them what they want. This is why the latest Facebook for Android app gives users even more features than the last one did.

The first set of Facebook Basic features include a profile section that allows users to show their real name and create groups. Users can show their interests as well and they can share anything with the rest of their friends. All of these features are optional and if you do not like them you can disable them. However, many users love them because they make their life easier.

The second set of features is very useful. The application gives users the ability to see who is sending them friend requests. It also shows the types of messages that other users have sent to another user and it will also list the email addresses of people who send you messages regularly. This is a great way to keep up with new contacts and it is also a great way to find old friends.

In order to be able to view these lists, users will need to have access to their Facebook profile pages. To do this, all they have to do is go to the main menu on the app and look for the tab. From there, users will be able to see all of their friend’s activities. They can also see if someone is deleting their information from their page. The Friend Feed feature is also useful. It will allow users to see the feed of anyone who is following them and to comment on them as well.

The application also includes many useful features such as the Activity Stream. With this feature, a user can see which of their friends are posting the most activity. It will also allow users to view posts from anyone who is following them. These features make it easier to manage the privacy settings on the page and it is easier to manage groups as well. It also makes it easier to view posts from a variety of users in a group.

The basic version of Facebook for Android does have some drawbacks. Some of the functions aren’t available on the landscape mode, the text on the status bar can get quite large if you zoom in on an image, and the applications do not support the multi-window feature. However, if you use these features a lot then it would be beneficial to upgrade to the professional version. They are a good deal cheaper.


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