Facebook Search by Name – The Fastest and Easiest Way to Find People You Know

So you want to know how to search Facebook for people by name? After all, Facebook has become the leading social network, used by millions of users worldwide, and one of the easiest ways to stay connected with friends, family and colleagues. You might think it’s a good idea to search by name, but do you know where you should start and who should be considered? In this article we’ll give you some information on how to perform a people search using Facebook.

The first step is to sign up for an account at Facebook and log in with your personal details. Then use the search box: click the “search for someone” link next to the avatar of any Facebook friend you’d like to find and enter the friend’s full name. Use the drop-down menu to specify whether you want to search just their profile or all of their pages. The results will probably find many people that you have friended in Facebook, either as a friend or a fan, depending on the status of your account indicates. If you don’t have an account you can use the sign up page to create one for free. Once you have a Facebook account you can search for friends by name anytime you like.

If you have found a friend on Facebook that you want more information about, you’ll probably notice that they’re listed under their photo or avatars. Clicking on one of these footer links will display the information you need to find them. For example, if the person’s profile shows their marital status, you can find out if they’re married or not by clicking on the link in their photo.

If you want to search by email address, you’ll use the ‘search’ option in the upper right hand navigation panel. Enter the friend’s full name and click the ‘search’ button. The results will list all the accounts that this person has on Facebook as well as their age, gender and location. You can also see all their posts from their main account as well as those they’ve made on their individual profile.

Another useful feature is the “Get Friends” button which allows you to search a specific tagged Facebook friend’s friends using keywords. To do this, click on the button located next to the “Get New People” link on the upper right-hand corner of the profile page. This will take you to a search form where you can type in whatever information you’d like.

If you don’t have access to a computer or a phone to use while you’re away from home, you can still use Facebook to search for a friend using their email address. Click on the “Search For People” link which is located next to the more familiar links such as “Like” or “Share”. This will bring up a list of all the Facebook accounts the user has access to. At the top of the list is the person’s profile.

Click on the appropriate icon (or links) to be taken to the person’s profile page. Here you can input any information you’d like. Sometimes it’s easier to enter name, age, gender and location by using something like name, age and location while sometimes using these parameters is better left to the advanced search. If necessary, type a partial name, age and/or location into the advanced search option and press the submit button. A comprehensive list of all the information will be returned to you allowing you to view each person’s profile page including photos, comments, messages and other interactions that have been shared with others.

It’s important not to use this service the way you would use a regular search engine to look up someone’s name because Facebook has significantly increased the time required to retrieve information. If you want to look up just one person’s Facebook account, that’s fine but searching through 100’s of people you don’t know can be a bit too tedious. Also if you need to look up a bunch of people or wish to cross-reference various names in a list, it takes longer to retrieve the information using this method. Using Facebook friends by name is a good alternative for finding old friends, keeping up with current friends who are also on Facebook and finding specific friends you may wish to reconnect with when ever you get the chance.


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