Fixing the Facebook Add Friend Button Missing Problem

Facebook add friends button is very similar to other social networking website such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and Google+. If you have ever wondered what the Facebook add on button is all about then here you will get a clear idea. But before we move ahead let us first understand what the functionality of this button actually is.

Facebook’s add on button is a web link that appears at the bottom of the user’s profile page. It is usually blue and sometimes orange in color. This button has a single task i.e. adding new people to your network. To add a friend to your Facebook profile you need to click on this link and it will take you to a page where you can add a new friend.

After clicking on the add friend button you will be taken to a page where you need to fill up some details like name and email id. When you are done with these steps, a cookie is set in your computer’s system which indicates that this is a friend request from you. Whenever a user clicks on the Facebook add on button he/she is taken to a page with his/her personal profile information where he/she is required to accept the invitation by clicking on the accept link. So you need to take care when clicking the button because it may lead to endless session on your browser and you will end up losing some important data.

There is also a possibility that your friend may have forgotten to remove himself/herself from the group or he/she might not have clicked on the accept link and so on. In such cases, when you click the facebook button your friend’s information would not be removed from your friend list. So one should be careful in such circumstances, because if something goes wrong you need to immediately remedy the situation otherwise your friend might end up getting deleted from your Facebook account.

Another major problem related to the Facebook add on button is its functionality and efficiency. Many people think that this button is not very useful because you do not get an appropriate image to represent your profile. So they just click on the button, even though they do not want anything from their profile. Even after you have filled up all the necessary details, still you do not get an appropriate image because the Facebook system will give you an error message “You don’t have access to that”.

This Facebook functionality is really an issue. If this functionality is not sorted out soon, then it might create a lot of issues for the users. The button missing problem can also create a lot of problems for the Facebook marketers and advertisers as well who depend a lot on the performance and reliability of Facebook applications.

Therefore it is very much important that you should try to sort out the Facebook applications issues related to missing and non-working buttons from your system. The most common way of solving this issue is to contact Facebook’s support team. You can simply provide them a detailed list of the problem along with your error message and then they will repair it for you. But if you are unable to solve it by yourself, then it is recommended that you should report this problem to any professional person, so that they can properly rectify the same.

Fixing this problem is a time consuming task. In order to prevent such kind of problems from occurring in future, it is recommended that you should always add as many friends as possible without adding any fake ones. It is very important for you to add only those Facebook applications which you are completely sure about. Only after you are absolutely sure about the reliability and performance of the particular application should you use it on your Facebook system.


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