Growing Your Instagram Message Visibility

As Instagram continues to develop at a rapid pace, more users are seeing an influx of “instagram messages.” These are short, one-word blurbs tagged with the user’s profile picture. They have become a useful tool for businesses, and as marketing themselves more effectively, too. How exactly do you get your Instagram message seen?

First, to see ’em, you need to send a message. Be sure to include the necessary keyword when submitting your message. These keywords will make it easier for users who search on Instagram to find you.

The next step involves a bit of work in advance of your Instagram post. Be sure to research what kinds of images or pictures excite Instagram users. You can find out what excites them through watching or reading comments about your product or service. You can also search for images that appear in searches related to your product and then create a link to your Instagram page within your comment.

Once you have the image ready, be sure to title it properly. Don’t just use the user name of your company or brand, but instead, give users an appropriately named caption to the image. For example, you could title your Instagram message,” Instagrammable Text,” and include your company’s logo and website link in the caption. In this way, users searching through Instagram will be able to see your Instagram message the moment they open the page. If you want to ensure your Instagram message is easily found, you may want to use an image hosting site such as Flickr.

Next, upload the image you created. It doesn’t matter if your Instagram message was meant to be displayed publicly or privately. If you are uploading it privately, be sure to add a private tag to the image. For instance, if you uploaded an image of your dog, you would upload it as private. However, if you wanted everyone to see your dog, you could upload the photo as public. In any case, make sure the image tags match up with the ones you used in the code of your Instagram message.

After you have uploaded the image, you can begin working on trying to get your Instagram page visible in the search results. To do this, sign up for an account at either digg or pixelfast. This image hosting sites offer easy access for users to see ’em all, including your Instagram account.

Finally, you can try turning your Instagram message into a real-time Tweet. All you have to do is install the Twitlonger plugin for WordPress onto your blog and make the URL from the source code of your Instagram message clickable. Then, copy and paste the URL and place it onto your Twitter page. Just be sure that your Instagram message is inline. For best results, make sure that you also include the keywords for your niche and product within your twitlonger.

So those are the ways that you can get your Instagram page seen by fans. The key is to follow all of these tips and then to optimize your Instagram page so that it appears in search results and on social media sites. If you want to see ’em all, start optimizing your Instagram profile today!

You should also learn how to use Twitter search to build your brand. Twitter already has an Instagram page and this is a great way to leverage your brand when promoting your product. Search out the keywords that are related to your product in both Google and Twitter. Then start searching for other business pages that use these same keywords as well as those that are similar to yours. Do this for each of your main keywords until you find one that seems to have the highest amount of activity. Now go back into your Instagram feed and create a corresponding account.

You may think that your Instagram page isn’t getting enough traffic. It doesn’t have to be, especially if you are implementing these tips and tricks above. If you haven’t already created a Twitter page for your Instagram account, now is the time to do it. Start embedding your product links into your tweets so that people can find you easily through the search engines. Add your website link to your Instagram posts, too. By combining the two, you will definitely notice an increase in the amount of traffic that comes to your Instagram account.

As you can see, there are many ways to grow your Instagram message seen by others. While you can sit back and expect your profile page to grow in size, that isn’t always the case. Be active and be creative! Also be sure to leave your Instagram messages in interesting places like Instagram galleries and on other websites that your followers might find interesting. With the right strategy, you should be able to see a lot more growth in no time at all!


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