How To Add Nickname To Facebook

If you want to know how to add a nickname on Facebook, the first thing that you should do is, as I suggested above, log in to your account. Once you are logged in, you will see the option for “Add Friend” or “Invite Email Contacts” under the Social Settings in the left panel. Click on the “add” button and after a while, a page with the name you provide will appear and you will be asked to add that person or whatever the details of the person is as email address.

It is best if you do not include the person’s name in your nickname as this might be identified by the system. The next thing that you have to know on how to add nickname on Facebook is, you should type that person’s name and then click on the “send” button. After that, you can see your newly created profile in the main page of the Facebook interface.

The other way on how to add nickname on Facebook is by typing his real name or some ides of your choice and inserting them into the place where you wish to put it. In fact, you may also use quotation marks or single quote marks instead of quotation marks. The rest of the steps are pretty much the same. But the difference is that, here you type the name and not the id.

The last but not the least, you can use applications on Facebook called “pinned” or “supported.” These applications will allow you to see a list of your friends and if you are logged into Facebook using the desktop website, you can access it from the applications menu. There you can see who all are your “friends.” If you have chosen to “pin” a particular person or group, he or she will be listed below the photo of your account. If you want to remove someone from this list, you can do so through the same Facebook interface. So how to add nickname on Facebook has become very easy, isn’t it?

However, Facebook does have one more option for those who want to know how to add a nickname on Facebook. That option is the use of third party tools. These tools are not developed by Facebook and they are therefore not supported by the site. However, third party developers have made it possible for their clients to access such services.

This application will give you a chance to see all the people whose name you may have mistyped. You will get to know their photos too. Third party tools can help you manage your Facebook account especially when you are not quite sure how to add nickname on Facebook to start off. You may also check out groups and see who are members of which group and how many friends they have.

These applications make it possible for you to manage your Facebook account by yourself and avoid being at the mercy of those who are members of the social network. You will never be concerned about how to add nickname on Facebook when using these tools. They are fast, efficient and simple. You just need to download them and then install them on your computer. From there, everything is easy as pie.

When you find out how to add a nickname on Facebook, you will no longer need to contact all your friends one by one asking for a user name that matches your first name. You will just type it in once, and you are ready to see all your friends who have already given you their user names. It is convenient and easy. Just remember though that once you have used a third party application, you cannot retrieve your old data. This means that your account will be closed and you will need to start the process all over again.


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