How to Change Birthday on Facebook

How many times have you changed your Facebook birthdate? Many people do it at least once a year. There are reasons why you might want to change your birthdate. If you are single and you change your Facebook birthdate, you will have people mark you as Single when they find out. Or if you are dating someone and he/she changed their Facebook birthdate, you will suddenly start getting calls from mutual friends or people that know your ex from high school.

So why would someone want to change their Facebook information? They most likely have done so for a variety of reasons. You may want to update your personal status (like your job or vacation plans) on a regular basis to keep fresh content in your Newsfeed. Or you may want to let others know what you are up to in your personal life by revealing details about certain projects or life goals. Perhaps you are just curious about how birthdays work. Whatever the reason, changing your information can be difficult but can also be easy if you know how to go about it.

You can change your profile information at any time you want but you should be cautious. Hackers can do things like reset your privacy settings or get access to your email address book. Facebook does offer an option to turn off posting information to your Contacts or Wall but you should be wary of this one. You are essentially giving the hacker’s permission to be able to contact you again.

The easiest way to change the birthdate on Facebook is to follow the instructions outlined on the website. They are relatively simple. All you need is to open a new tab in the left pane and click “Settings.” You can then select the Privacy tab and click “iderm.” Finally, you will want to click “Validate” to change your information.

It is a good idea to change the birthdate on Facebook before you plan your big day. You will not need to do this if you already have it on your profile. However, if you are planning on having a surprise baby, you should change it now. This will ensure that you are not the only one receiving a surprise! Chances are, your friend will also change birthdate.

If you have friends and family who are going to be very important to you when you become a dad, you may want to have them change their information as well. Just make sure that you are the one asking. Many people end up asking their moms, dads, brothers, and sisters. Be careful who you give this to.

Also, if you are trying to change your information for any kind of financial or personal reasons, you will want to make sure that you change it yourself. You don’t want to take the chance of having anyone but yourself gaining access to such information. It is not worth it to risk it. If you change your information, make sure you have a reason for doing so.

These are some tips that you can use when you are faced with the decision to change your profile status. Remember, it isn’t something that you should be faced with on your own. Instead, you will want to seek out the advice of someone who knows everything about Facebook. If you change your mind after they have talked to you, don’t be afraid to let them know about it. They will probably want to help you in some way shape or form.

If you change your mind and you want to make changes to your personal information, make sure you do so very quickly. If you put off doing so, your status update will appear later than what you originally intended. This can confuse others. Facebook users who find out about your latest status update will automatically repost your news onto their wall, or they will follow the link to your new updates.

Another reason to change the birthdate on Facebook is if you have more than one profile. Many times you can change the details for various groups within your profile. When you change birthdate, all of your other profiles will also see the change. The only thing you will need to do is give each group instructions about the change.

As with many things on the Internet, there is always a certain amount of privacy that you will need to consider before you begin changing other individuals’ information on Facebook. Facebook is a social networking site, and your personal information should be protected at all times. You do not want to be the person who finds out a few years later that a profile they made is filled with explicit and detailed conversations with people who were neither friends nor relatives. If you are unsure about whether or not you can make changes to the information on your profile, contact the company directly.


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