How to Change Name on Facebook for a New Business

So you want to know how to change name on Facebook app? The simple answer is to click on” Apps” on the left bottom corner of the Facebook home page, then on “Network settings”. Once you click there, you will then see a drop down menu of options where you can select “Change name”, which will cause a new page to be displayed. In this new page, you will see that you now have the ability to change your Facebook name and it will also affect the privacy settings for that page.

It is important to note that even if you have changed your name, that doesn’t mean that other people or companies can actually see your real name. Only the page that you set up for Facebook can see this. This is a very powerful feature of how to change name on Facebook, which I have found recently has helped me out a lot. If you want to know how to change name on Facebook app, then it is really worth looking into this feature.

If you want to know how to change name on Facebook app, the first step you need to take is to go to the Privacy tab on your Facebook account. Here, you will find a link labelled “Change name”. Clicking on this will take you to a new page, where you can change your current page’s name. You can then select the name you would like your page to be called, after which you can add / delete any tags you may wish.

Once you have made your choice, you are free to use the search box on the left hand side of the page to look for an image of your chosen name, and click on it to open it in the photo viewer. If you have already created a page, you can click on the photo and view it in the Facebook viewer. The next step on how to change name on Facebook app, is to type in the new name you have selected. While typing in the name, you can use quotation marks around it if you like.

The final step on how to change name on Facebook app, is to click on Save. When you do this, a pop up window will appear, and you will see a message saying that you have changed your page’s name. Click on Continue. A message will appear asking you to confirm whether you really want to do this. Click on the button and you will be taken to the new page you were just redirected to.

When you click the Change Name button, the name you have chosen will be removed from your Facebook profile. However, you will have to complete a short registration process, in order to change your full name on your app. You will need to follow the instructions given to you by Facebook, and fill out your first name, last name, email address and any contacts you would like to have included in the change.

The final step on how to change name on Facebook app, is to click the Save button. When the page is saved, a message will appear on your Facebook page, saying that your application has been updated. Now you are ready to start using your brand new page! Make sure that everyone knows your new name and link it with your current business name.

All of these steps have been outlined in a simplified manner for your information. It is highly likely that this brief guide should serve as an adequate guide for those who wish to know how to change name on Facebook for a new business. However, if you wish to gain more information, it is recommended that you research the App Store listings for apps that offer this functionality and create your own app.


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