How to Change Your Facebook Name

Facebook has introduced a new system called “Change Name.” This new feature allows any user to change their account name. They must do a search for the specific user and choose a name that is more descriptive. This process takes about 15 seconds. Facebook will then mark the chosen username as an authorized user.

If a user wants to mark another user as their friend, they need only click on the user’s photo and then choose “send a friend request.” A new window will pop up displaying the new user’s photo and their name. Facebook will accept the user into their network, if the two parties have already established some form of social connection. Once a new account is created through this process, it cannot be un-renounced later.

Upon seeing a contact name displayed on a profile or account, a user can click on the name and change nickname. Only one person can have this option, not the entire network. Therefore, they must choose a name that they think is appropriate for themselves. A nickname is generally considered to be personal and private information. A Facebook user may use a nickname to sound less anonymous when communicating with someone online, but this option is usually not recommended.

A new window will open on the right hand side of the screen. Select “profile options.” The drop down menu is labeled “Change Name.” Click “OK.” The user will be asked to enter their full name and the user id (first id is shown as 0). Enter the new nickname.

The Account tab will be displayed. Underneath the profile, click “Submit.” A password will be required before changes are applied to the account. Click “Save Changes.”

On the Contact tab, a new button will appear. The user will click on it. A form containing the user’s name, email address, and contact details will be displayed. A new window will open. On the Account tab, a new drop down menu will display the desired name change.

To contact the current user, the user can click on “mail me” and select “send a message.” To send a private message, the user will select “write to” followed by a colon. Following the write to option, the new contact should select “add person,” followed by a colon. The name of the recipient will now be displayed on the right hand side of the chat window.

To change nickname, a user must login to Facebook and select “profile.” Then, select “change name” and follow the onscreen instructions. To finish the process, a user will be required to input a password.

There are some steps that can be followed to check for the messages and to confirm the changes. First, on the Account tab, click on “Messages.” A new window will open. In the top section, click on the link named “chat room.” In the chat room, click on “new” and enter a unique username for the account. Enter a different password and select “send.”

Now, the account is ready to accept new additions. To do this, a user needs to click on “ikes.” On the left side of the page, under “ikes,” there will be a drop-down menu. Select “permission to modify.” Once done, a new page will open up.

On this page, there will be two tabs. One will display all the new posts that have been made. The other tab contains the comments that were made. An icon on the right side of each post or comment will grant the user to save it.

To conclude, the Facebook landing page and the main site are very user friendly. All changes that have been made can be done by clicking on the appropriate icon and entering a unique username for the account. Then, a new page will open up in which the user can view all new posts and comments. It is a very fast process and once everything has been saved, the account will be closed.

As Facebook continues to expand, this feature will become more popular among users. This functionality is only available on a free account. It can be used by anyone who owns an account. For now, it is limited to the profile pages. It will, however, soon be available on all accounts.


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