How to Hide Groups on Facebook

Why would you want to hide groups on Facebook? There are probably many reasons why someone would want to hide these groups. Perhaps they aren’t happy with their group page? They may feel that other users who joined the group wish to invade their privacy and talk about sensitive issues within the group? Perhaps there are just some users within the group that are not so polite and will talk about anything under the sun? Or maybe a group that does not have any activity is causing problems with one or more members?

The point I am trying to get to is that you can hide groups on Facebook if you so desire. Facebook will always show publicly listed groups and this includes groups that are hidden. In most cases, it is the members of the groups that wish to hide them, not the administrators of the groups. This can be changed easily. There are several things that you can do to change the visibility of a group for your use.

One of the easiest ways to hide groups on Facebook is by being a member of that group. When a user becomes a part of a group, they are given a user name and are assigned a password. The password is what a user will use to log into the group page. Therefore, when a user wants to hide a group on Facebook, they simply log into the group page using their new username and password. This will hide the group page for everyone else on Facebook.

Another way to hide groups on Facebook is to become an administrator of the groups. To become an administrator, one must join the group, make sure everyone is logged in, and see “groups you’re a member of.” From there, one can click on “Show All.” At this point, one will see all groups that other users are a part of as well as groups that they are an admin of. From here, one can click on “manage” to gain access to all groups on Facebook.

There are a few differences between how administrators will hide groups on Facebook. When becoming an admin of a group, one will have access to everything on the group page including pictures and videos posted by members. When others are logging in as administrators, only the group name will be shown and the status will be set to private. As a member, one can see everything posted by everyone in the group.

When a user clicks the link in the email sent from Facebook explaining how to hide groups, they will be taken back to the main page. Then, a message will appear saying “Your group is now hidden. Click here to see the changes.” This message will appear multiple times and will apply to each user who has clicked the link in the email.

It’s important to remember that administrators are given complete control over the groups they manage. They have the ability to manage visibility and privacy of groups they create, as well as changing the description text to fit their needs. However, groups already exist on Facebook and cannot be changed or hidden by the administrator. The only option is for the user to accept an invitation to join a group that hasn’t been created yet. After acceptance, a group page will be created along with a description containing information about the group.

To invite users to join the group, a message will appear that says ” invite your friends to join your new group. Click the link in the email sent to you to do so. Once a response is received, a group page will be created containing the name of the group, its description and a link to join it. If the user agrees, he can join the group. Now all posts in that group page will appear on the right hand side of the Facebook interface.


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