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You want to know how to hide Instagram account information. Instinct tells you to protect your pictures. After all, that’s the purpose of these photo sharing websites – to share your personal moments. But what if those moments aren’t exactly private? Or… what if people are going to see them anyway? Here’s how to hide Instagram posts, videos and pictures from certain users.

How to hide Instagram stories, posts or both, is pretty easy. It starts with selecting the type of image or video you want to hide. To do this, scroll through the options on the story menu. There are two boxes for hiding images or videos: one says “hide image” and one says “show image.” To properly hide your Instagram stories in this manner, the text that appears below the image must be white and/or black.

To select a picture to hide, tap the plus sign next to the image in the pull-down menu. This will expand a window with the Instagram account name and account ID. In the top menu bar, click “gear” and then “search.”

Under “Settings,” scroll to “Account Settings.” In the left menu bar, click “Your Profile.” A new page will appear with a red badge. If you want to hide this picture, click the heart symbol next to it in the location list. The link will take you to the page where you can change your account settings.

To avoid confusion, this step is often recommended to novice Instagram users who may not fully understand how to download images to use as social media content. The idea is to have a complete link that includes all of the images and videos that you want to share with your friends. Once you have downloaded these images or videos, you can share them through any of your social pages. However, you should always be careful about what types of content you publish from your Instagram account.

If you want to learn how to hide Instagram photos without deleting them, you will need to have complete control over your account settings. This includes hiding or making private your profile without deleting any images. Although you can change your profile without deleting any images, the removal of certain photos or videos can be very time consuming and confusing. Hiding images in a profile without deleting them requires the use of an expert developer.

Installing an image widget is one way to hide your Instagram photos from your followers. You can install the JPEG Tiny URL application from the Apple store, which allows you to post a URL that you want to share. For instance, if you want to share an image that you took of yourself at brunch, you can upload the image to your public albums and save it as a JPEG. When you’re ready to share this image, you can copy and paste the URL into the About tab. Image widgets will hide the entire picture, including your name and location. You will not be able to see your name, email address or location until the URL has been saved and posted on an Instagram account.

Another way to hide your photo library is to clear out the public photo library. Open the Instagram account, go into the photo library and click on the Clear All button. Click the Clear button until you have deleted all of the images in the photo library. If you want to continue to share images with your followers, it is possible to click on the Account tab and scroll to Privacy. If you want to restore the image to its original state, you can click on the Restore button.


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