How to Hide Last Name Through Facebook Using a Proxy Server

It’s not easy to find out how to hide last name on Facebook, but it’s actually pretty easy. You’ll be happy to know that you can do this with little or no effort. Some of the best methods that you can use to mask your identity on Facebook have been discussed in previous articles on this site. Some of these methods require a bit of work, but they can be well worth it in the long run.

To hide your name on Facebook, you need to use a proxy website. Yes, you can hide your true last name through proxy websites. These are websites that are specifically designed to keep your IP address hidden. They work by bouncing your requests to Facebook and to other websites, so that they appear as if they came from someone else. That way, you will appear as being someone else who is not the owner of a Facebook account. There is really nothing that these websites offer that your real Facebook account cannot offer itself.

How to Hide Last Name Through Facebook In another method that you can use to mask your true identity, you should select the “profile options” drop-down menu while creating an account. Select the language option. This will hide the name of your account whose language is not the chosen language of the person using the account. The language option also disables the check for available messages on the account whose language is different from yours.

How to Hide Last Name On Facebook You should also make single name account very difficult to access. To do this, create a separate user ID and make sure that all messages and other updates to that ID are secret. You may also want to change your privacy settings so that anyone you don’t know can’t see your updates. Changing the privacy settings will make single name account difficult to access.

How to Hide Last Name Through Facebook Another way is through a review change, commonly referred to as a hide or shield link. If you have ever wondered how to hide a last name, then you should try this second method. To hide a name through a review link, simply add a URL or two at the end of your status update. For example, if your update is about a great new blog you’ve created, you could create a link with your URL at the end of the status update. That way, anyone reading your update would see your URL, thus hiding your true identity.

How to Hide Last Name Through Facebook In addition to using a review change, another method to hide your true identity is through an Indonesian proxy server. An Indonesian proxy server is an easy way to protect your identity online. Because many websites require you to sign up for their services, you often need to provide information about yourself. For example, you might be required to enter your name and email address in order to register.

To use an Indonesian proxy, all you do is visit an Indonesia website and enter your information. When you’re finished entering all your information, then simply click the “birth certificate” link to sign up. Once you’re signed up, you’ll be asked to login to a single name account which will serve as your proxy.

How to Hide Last Name Through Facebook Another way to ensure that no one can recognize your true identity is to switch to a new language option when you’re creating your profile. There are two options: Korean and Japanese. If you’re going to select the Korean language option, then simply note that you will not be able to upload images or videos in these languages.


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