How to Hiding Everything on Facebook – 3 Tips to Hide Anything You Don’t Want to See Online

Hiding your Identity on Facebook is one of the top agendas for all the new users. You probably saw it coming. Recently Facebook started offering two different options for identity hiding: ‘protected’ and ‘unprotected’ status updates. Which one should you choose? In this article, we will look at both sides of the argument and suggest what would be best for you.

To start with, let us analyze how to hide your profile information in the first place. Since the new Facebook profile privacy settings only show a limited view of your information to the people you add as friends, your main and obvious concern is “How do I hide my profile?” After all, if you really want to keep your identity secret, you have to do something about your privacy on Facebook pages. The common ways to hide your profile are to hide the content you post and the keywords that appear in them. This means you can’t just make some changes here and there, you will just be ineffective.

However, if you want to hide your profile completely, it will not be possible. That’s because Facebook offers two methods for doing so. The first option would be to hide the profile entirely. The second option is to make it private. Now, to hide the entire page from the public is not possible. As you may already know, Facebook’s privacy settings only allow a chosen few users to see your profile page.

So, now we come to the other option – how to hide everything on Facebook that isn’t public. Since everyone can see almost everything on Facebook, there is no way to hide everything. However, you can make things less visible to the general public. The key here is the use of customizations.

Customizations are tools that help you to hide certain features on Facebook when you don’t want them to be seen. For instance, you can hide your recent posts or albums by using the “hide recent posts” option inside the privacy section of your account. Likewise, the same applies to your feed and shoutouts.

Another secret on how to hide everything on Facebook is to use customizations that help you to change how they look. For instance, you can change the title of your status updates to something more unique or change the background of your page to something else. As long as you can see the new layout, you won’t need to hide anything from the public. Just remember to make these changes permanent so you don’t have to keep on clicking the hide button all the time.

If you want to hide your entire profile, you have to use the “force group” feature. This is a tricky trick that some people might find hard to pull off. All you need to do is go to your “advanced settings” section and enable the “show all profiles” option. Now just click on the link “switch profiles when I log in”, which is the one marked as” toggle on/off”. In addition, you should also change the title of the option so it doesn’t show up as just a plain green “no profile”.

The final secret on how to hide everything on Facebook is to actually use a third-party application that will do the job for you. There are quite a few such applications available on the internet for a very reasonable fee. You can even use the computer’s own Facebook application to hide your profile. However, the result might not be as effective as you’d want it to be. This is because the computer will always have your profile open to everyone and these third-party applications run in the background using up system resources.


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