How to Perform a Facebook Search

Facebook Graph Searches has been a newly introduced semantic search engine which was launched by Facebook in March this year. It was initially designed to offer answers to user queries not using a list of results generated by other search engines like Google and Yahoo. The name is inspired by the social network nature of Facebook, which map the connections among its users like family members and friends.

To start with, you have to insert keywords on your search queries. You will be prompted to put in your city or town first. Once the state or city is selected, click on “Search”. The result will contain information regarding places that fit your requirements. The displayed search results vary depending on the type of information you are searching for.

One popular category is the news. You will get information about breaking news in your Facebook inbox. One interesting thing that happened recently in Pakistan was the execution of terrorist suspect, Wali Ur Rehman. Many people had gathered at Facebook’s community center to share their views on the event, and a photograph of Wali Ur Rehman was even Photoshopped into one of the walls of one of the communities. This caused an outrage on the Pakistani social media networks. There were many complaints from users who felt their privacy had been invaded.

Another category is the employment. Users can look for job vacancies and personal ads in their Facebook inbox. This may prove useful for job seekers. But if the information is fake and not real, then it can cause harm instead of helping. Fake information has caused more problems for the company rather than solving them.

The same problem applies to those looking for information on marriage. Many users have uploaded photographs of themselves to their profiles, without checking whether they are married or not. This is dangerous because one can easily pretend to be someone he/she is not. If this is the case, it may pose a security risk to any user.

Education and sports are other categories where people are finding difficulty in performing a Facebook Search. It appears impossible to perform a Search in these areas, as the searches do not appear in the results. As in the case of job and marriage, the situation is exactly opposite for education. Educational posts are always part of news feeds. However, there is no way to pull up a search result on these areas.

A new feature called the Explore feature lets one explore his/her News Feeds further. This is possible only when one has an account with Facebook. This type of search makes it possible to filter information by topic. So, one can find what he/she is interested in. For example, a sport or game can show up as a News Feed topic.

A final option is the News Feed Search. It is similar to the Explore option, but one can specify which news feeds to search. For example, one can search for the latest breaking news stories, weather forecasts etc. This is very useful if one is looking for real-time information from the place itself.

The News Feed is very helpful when you need instant updates. This can be applied to both individual and groups. For example, if one is attending a meeting at a public place, one can use this feed to check for any important updates. For a group, this option works wonders. One does not have to refresh the page to see the latest updates. Updates are sent to the right members of the group immediately.

So, now one has all the basic information about a person, but one may still want more. The News Feed is great for this purpose. However, one has to be aware that this is information that is publicly available. Therefore, one cannot be guaranteed that all the details are correct.

In order to ensure accuracy, one should try the above option first. If it does not produce desired results, then one should consider using a paid service like Intelius. It is a very good analytical tool. The major advantage of using such a service is that it will search a number of social networking sites including Facebook. This way, the chances of finding any detail is much higher.

In fact, it can even identify duplicate accounts. One just has to enter all the required information and wait for the software to analyze the results. Once the analysis is done, it will provide the exact information one is looking for. Thus, it becomes easy to search Facebook for individuals or a group.


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