How to See a Private Facebook Page in Real Time

With the amount of privacy settings available on Facebook, you’ll want to know how to see a private Facebook page. Many people use Facebook only for business purposes and do not wish to show their personal profile to everyone. You will want to create a private profile for various reasons such as avoiding irritating the friends of your potential or current customers. In this article we’ll look at how to see a private Facebook page.

First you’ll want to head over to Facebook’s home page. On the top right side of the page there is a Privacy Settings button. Click this button. You’ll then see the Privacy Settings tab. Depending on your settings, this will show the different privacy settings that are available for your account.

The first option is the “state” selection. This is where you’ll want to select the state you are in. So if you are in California, you’ll want to select “California” as the state of your account. To change this, click on the link on the upper right-hand corner.

The next option is the “page link” you’ll click on. If you have an account already with Facebook, it will be blue. If you do not, it will be green. This lets you see a link to a particular page on your Facebook profile which can be changed by the privacy settings you have set.

If you would like to see a private message in your newsfeed, then the “profile key” is what you will click on. You can change this by clicking on the link to the lower right-hand corner. In the “edit” section you can input the new private message, you want to see. If you don’t want to see this, you can input “hide” here instead.

The last option is the “block page.” This allows you to block specific pages from appearing on the public interface of your profile. Simply click on the link that says “block page” and choose a group or page you do not want to see on your profile. As you can imagine, there are countless groups that you might want to block, so be sure to check out the options at the Facebook Help site before changing anything.

There are some final options that will help you out when it comes to the privacy settings of your Facebook page. At the top of the privacy options is a Privacy tab. The bottom of that window is the option to deselect the page you have visited. To do this, click on “blocks.” Then type in a name for the page you want to deselect.

When you are looking around at how to see a private Facebook page, there are a few other things that you can do as well. You can change the privacy settings on your page. You can view any comments posted on your page. You can create a page with no posts and just view the info about your friends. If you need to, you can even sign up for events on your account.

Once you have used all of these options, you can still go ahead and post something to your account, but Facebook will mark it as not recommended. This means that a person wanting to look around at what you have to say on your account will probably not be able to see it. If you are going to try and see what is posted, you might as well make sure that the information posted is as private as possible.

One of the most useful features of how to see a private Facebook page is the “Like” feature. When you do this, it will put a little box below the person’s profile that says, “You liked this post. It will also show up in your News Feed and your profile pics. Now what? Well, if you don’t like it, you can just click on “Blocks” next to the line box to hide it from others. You can also adjust how private you want the information to be by the color choices.

However, if you really want to get down to the nitty gritty and know how to unlock the true potential of your Facebook account, you will need to access the Admin Panel. Here you will be able to see all of the things that are currently saved on your profile. By clicking on the “See all files” link above the chat box, you will be able to see everything that is on your private profile, as well as everything you have blocked. If you are thinking about doing something on your page, but don’t want everyone to be able to view it, then you should think about blocking a few things.

These are just a few of the many private profile features available on Facebook. In fact, you can use all of them if you so choose. You will want to explore each one, and decide which ones you feel are most important to you. As a note, you can even combine more than one of these into a single block. That way, if you have multiple social accounts such as MySpace, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you can set each one up like a private profile and then manage them all in one location. This makes for a great way to keep everything organized, as well as seeing how to see a private Facebook page in real time!


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