How to Use Instagram ID Search

Instagram ID Search is now the new “must-have” feature in Instagram which allows you to easily find your most-liked friends on Instagram and read their Instagram Stories immediately. If you are not already signed up, get signed up for free now. The new Instagram ID search feature is available at the bottom of each user’s profile. Click the link to access a search engine that will bring up your most recent uploads. This is also a convenient way to manage your feeds and direct messages from your followers. You can even search for specific users to quickly get information about them.

If you haven’t used it before, the first thing you will notice is that the search functionality for your Instagram ID is very similar to that of the photo album search option. Just type in your username and click search. Depending on the photo you are searching for, there will be multiple choices to narrow down. The photo gallery will show up and you will be able to see all of your uploaded photos. If it is a status update or any other upload, you will be able to view it from the drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

The photo gallery displays a list of all your uploads, organized by category so you can easily see the ones you’ve been working on the most. Each photo in the gallery can be expanded so you can see the exact image size. If you are searching for a specific photo, just enter the keyword you want to search for into the search box. You can also search for keywords in the description field on individual uploads. You will be given the option to sort the list in any way you choose; newest to oldest, newest to latest etc.

For those that upload a lot of images to their profile, it’s especially helpful to use the search function to locate old photos you may have forgotten about. This is especially handy for sharing favorite photos with friends and family. If an older photo isn’t really something you want to share, you may want to clear it from the photo album and move on to new images. However, if you are looking for a specific photo or specific dates, you will need to clear the image from your photo album before using the search function.

Using the search in the photo album is also helpful when trying to locate a specific user. It’s often times helpful to know who is uploading the pictures you are searching for. You can do a search for your specific username or photo ID. If you don’t have the username or you can’t find the photo you are looking for, you may need to clear the image from your photo album. This will help you focus your search even more.

As you look through the uploads, especially from users that are famous or popular, it’s possible to find pictures that you might want to share. However, you will want to make sure that you aren’t posting anything that could get anyone else in trouble. If you post anything that could put someone in danger, Instagram will warn you. For example, they have a warning on their homepage for people to not share the images they upload if they aren’t expecting a “range of feedback.”

While you are browsing through the uploads, if you see any that you think are illegal or inappropriate for you to share, you can delete them. In most cases, you won’t want to delete the photos, as they can sometimes be part of a promotion or advertisement. If there are too many to go back and delete, you might want to set up an account with the network and alert them of the photos. They may ask you to do this before they approve your account.

Now that you know how to use the Instagram ID search feature, you can start searching for images yourself. Just make sure that you type the user name that you want to search in between quotation marks and then add @ followed by your Instagram user name. For instance, if you want to search for pictures of dogs, you could type “dog-shorts” or “shorts-dog.” You can also search for a user name and click the search key. This will bring up the list of users that have Instagram accounts that have matching names.


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