How to View Everything On Facebook Unseen On Your Android Smartphone

The “unseen” or “private” mode in Facebook enables the user to browse through their News Feed without having to see all the posts. The feature was initially available on the iPhone but hasn’t been included on any Android devices as of yet. There is some confusion as to whether this application is spyware or not, or if it even does anything at all. I will answer those questions for you below!

Does this application actually spy on the user’s activity? No, it doesn’t monitor the user’s activity or send it anywhere else. It simply gives the user options in regard to what they can see and what they can’t see. The main reason people are so upset about this application is the invasion of their privacy when other users browse through their profiles.

Is this application illegal? No, it’s not illegal to screen gather information on the user or use such applications. Facebook has stated however that they have no way of knowing who has visited a site or what they did once they were on the site. This is a bit hard to believe because everyone is able to see other peoples activities on Facebook and they don’t even need to state it first.

Is there a way for the user to decide what they want to see? Yes, the user has total control over what they post. The developers of Facebook suggest that the user should use this application wisely. They state that the intent behind the application is to show people how they are doing with their lives. This means that they want the user to be able to take action in regard to certain issues.

Can a user remove this spy application? Yes, there are options for the user. First, the user can adjust what they want the application to do. This would mean that the user can turn down the activity the application is performing. It is believed however, that turning down the activity will make it so the user will never know what the application is doing on his or her phone.

If the user does not want to allow the application to collect information he or she should ensure that they are using the default settings for the application. When the user has this setting then the Facebook application will not be able to collect any data on the user. The default setting will block all applications from collecting data. The only exception is if the user allows the application to send SMS based on a specific SMS message group. In this case then the application will be able to send the SMS without the need to collect any additional information.

As the android market develops more applications the need for privacy protection against spy application will become more prominent. Smartphones have opened the door to allow users to surf the internet while they are mobile. With this in mind the ability to collect data from these phones becomes a risk. This is especially true since the user may be on the go and will likely use the phone for personal or business purposes. When browsing on these phones there is a chance that the user may click a link that collects personal or sensitive data. The user may even send a text message to an infected phone.

The best way to protect your smartphone is to install an application that allows you to control what it can and cannot see. You can control whether or not information is visible to others. You can also control whether or not it is available for other users to see. With these abilities you can feel confident that your information and your life are being protected.


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