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Instincts are telling us that the top 10 Instagram names are all pretty important. Why? Because they provide great avenues for the best ways to promote products and services on the social media platform. So how do you find the top 10 Instagram names? You get tips from the experts and get into some serious action…

What’s the first tip? That’s easy! You need to make a game plan before you jump into action. So what are the top 10 instagrammers? You’ll find the answer in a few seconds…

Number 11…accountant Christian Audigier. He runs a very successful fashion boutique in Los Angeles, CA. He has almost 2 million followers and growing. He has instagrammed everything from his latest outfit to vacation pics from his travels around the world. A typical instagrammer doesn’t normally post travel pics.

Number ten…phone accessory designer Elle Macpherson. She has become a super popular instagrammer because…well, she likes to Instagram things. Elle has close to 500 separate Instagram accounts and one of them is absolutely dedicated to her designer line, Elle Macpherson Haute Couture.

Number nine…blogger and podcaster Jordan Weisman. Jordan is one of the top internet marketers at the moment and he loves Instagram. It allows him to get honest feedback from his subscribers. The great thing about Instagram is that people can actually see the updates as they are happening. This is a huge advantage over twitter which is mostly just messages.

Number eight…apparel designer Nick Cordell. He runs a top online fashion apparel shop, Cordell & More. His Instagram account is a masterpiece. It’s full of good photos, witty comments, and interesting offers. He definitely ranks up there with the top teners in this field.

Number seven…wonderful new food blog, Squidoo. If you have an interest in food or cooking, you will love squidoo. They have an Instagram page where their authors can upload images and talk about what is new on their blog. Authors share information about recipes, tips for menu planning, and ideas for themes. It looks like a lot of fun to post on Instagram.

Number six…writer Matt Damon. He is a top instagrammer because…um, well, he is a top instagrammer. Matt takes pictures of himself and caption them with interesting words. He has almost two hundred separate Instagram accounts and they are all wonderful photos. He should be easily able to crack the top ten list.

Number five…shot gunner Tyler Durden. This Instagram account is pretty self explanatory. He posts gorgeous shots of his family from all sorts of places. He posts on a regular basis as well, which means fans of his Instagram account are always up to date with his whereabouts.

Number four…accountant Amy Waterman. She has been an Instagram favorite for some time now. She has more than fifty separate Instagram accounts. Some are commercial, others personal, but all are beautiful pictures. She might be the top ten account, but she doesn’t look like she is doing too well.

Number three…chef and cookbook author Liz Lange. This instagrammer loves to share recipes on her Instagram. She has almost one hundred recipes on her page, which means people all over the world are always checking in on her recipes. If she wasn’t on Instagram, she would be one of the top instagrammers in the world. She also has a food blog that she updates regularly.

Number two…singer Beyonce Knowles. She might be the most popular instagrammer in the world right now. She posts pictures of her children, but she also takes pictures of herself in a number of different places. That is part of what makes her Instagram so endearing. She looks great in all of her photos, but she is also fun to be with. That is something that all of the other instagrammers don’t have.

There are other people who make their lists for different reasons, and they are obviously no less important. What is important though is that you can spot these top ten Instagram names in the crowd. They have clearly put some time and effort into their social media profiles, and they have made themselves fun to follow. By following them, you will be able to see what they are up to.

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