Using Facebook Search to Search For Businesses and More

Facebook Graph Searches was a new semantic search engine which was launched by Facebook in March 2021. It was conceptualized to provide answers to certain user queries and not a list of results. The name itself speaks for the social networking nature of Facebook, which graphs the relationships between users based on common interests. The new feature is a synonym of “relationship search.” This search query is most helpful as it provides instant access to information from friends and contacts who are tagged with a specific query. There are other uses of Graph Search, however, and this post explores how it can be used for business.

Facebook has a search interface driven by the words entered by users. This is where searchers should look: there are listings of searches related to their profile entries. The search can be made alphabetically or via location. The first two search options are quite self-explanatory. Searches can also be run on Google or Yahoo using the relevant keywords.

The search engine presents users with many ways to narrow down their results, depending on how far a person would like his/her search to go. A “search by people” option lets people choose which group to search. Within the group, the different categories give a better view of categories. This helps prioritize search terms. Each person can be assigned a tag, similar to Facebook’s favorites. In most instances, people can choose to share any information with all tags selected.

A “search by people” also yields many more options and brings up detailed profiles for each tagged person. Some searches allow a business owner to filter out vendors based on their location, type of business, or industry. This feature also makes it easier to manage work groups. The ability to narrow down searches further by inputting a more precise set of criteria leads to much quicker and effective organization and decision making. People can also search for specific types of businesses or merchants of which they are very familiar.

A “search by people” option can also be used to find products, services, and events posted by current and former clients. Facebook now offers a way to collect and organize this information in one place for easier organization and search. Many companies use this function to improve recruitment and communication and build professional relationships with current clients. Businesses that post advertisements on Facebook can also provide links to potential customers and partners through this function.

The network is used in much greater detail for networking purposes in addition to business use. Facebook can be used for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, friendships, and just about anything else people can think of. The network is used extensively in education and in gaining social influence over peers. It is also a way to make new friends and meet new ones.

Using Facebook Search, an individual can search for a business, product, service, school, product line, website, group, event, location, or just about any other topic that they may have an interest in. The Facebook Search feature has also recently been introduced for mobile searches. This provides the same information as the regular search engine without the user having to do anything different.

Using Facebook Search is extremely easy. To start, click on “Search” located at the top right corner of the page. On the left side, you will see three drop down menus of options. The first is “Get More Info,” which will bring up more information about the person, company, business, product, or service you are searching for. Next, click on “Simmons All Access Passes” which will pull up a complete list of people, events, and places with an access pass. Click on each entry and it will show what the event or location is about, how many tickets are available, and how much they cost if available.


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